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LogoIBS79x73forwebIn 1975; IBS Group was the first licensed insurance broker established in Indonesia. From those early beginnings we have continued to expand and evolve our service capability to become the country’s only truly integrated risk services provider. IBS Group delivers a complete profile of insurance and risk management services needed by major corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual customers through our wholly-owned subsidiary companies.

The keystone of IBS Group’s service capability is our structured diversity. In order to meet the growing needs of our corporate and private customers, IBS Group has developed an integrated group of operating companies to deliver a complete range of insurance and risk solutions to the highest international standards.

On 30th November 2018, Arthur J. Gallagher – the world’s 4th largest broker by revenue – acquired a 40% stake in IBS. With the support of Gallagher’s more than 700 sales and service offices across the globe in more than 150 countries and around 30.000 employees worldwide, IBS will be able to offer its clients better access to industry specialities and to a network of local offices in major markets throughout the globe.




IBS Insurance Broking Service is Indonesia’s leading risk services company providing competitive and comprehensive insurance programs tailored to protect a client base spread across Indonesia’s broad-based economy and delivered through experienced service teams established in specific industry sectors: Real Estate, Banking and Financial Services, Forestry and Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, Marine, Construction, Equipment and Motor.

IBS Re Indonesia was formed in 1992 as value-added and high quality reinsurance resources servicing the IBS Group customer base and also a large number of Indonesian domestic and joint-venture insurers. IBS Re ensures direct access to all major global and regional reinsurance centers and currently generates a large volume of Indonesian reinsurance premium placed into these markets.

IBS Risk Management services company was established in 1985 to provide multi-disciplined strategies in the identification, assessment, control, mitigation and transfer of risk. On a daily basis, we help business managers develop risk management programs which act as a practical yet fundamental component of their risk protection strategy. Insurance programs are tailored around our clients’ risk management platforms to provide  protection of physical, financial, legal and operational risks.

We understand how important it is to protect your most valuable assets – human resources. That’s why the shareholders of IBS Group established PT Cipta Integra Duta in 1997 to specifically focus on servicing clients on their human capital risks. In fact, Integra is the only broker in town focusing solely on this area, and is currently the leading welfare solutions provider in the country. At Integra, we help clients manage their risks cost-effectively through an in-depth analysis and comprehensive report on client’s human capital risks. We also regularly carry out market research, bench-marking exercise, and review government regulations, so that we can advise our clients properly. For more information, please visit Integra’s website at

IBS Group seamlessly links and delivers our multi-disciplined services through continued innovation within our Technology division. In constant collaboration with service teams from Group companies, IBS Technology, staffed with 8 trained and qualified IT specialists, develops tailored software systems delivered through the internet for the exclusive use of our clients. Our branded products such as CargoGuard, ClaimsLink and FleetGuard, provide our clients with 24-hour access to insurance portfolio, claims and risk management information systems. We will continue to innovate in response to our clients’ ever-changing technology requirements.


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